GBGB DSMP New Guidelines November 2018


The GBGB survey which collects information on the sudden death of greyhounds both post-race and at residential kennels is called the Disease Surveillance and Monitoring Program (DSMP).

There is a statutory requirement to report all sudden deaths at stadia or residential kennels, but post mortem examinations will only being authorized for unusual cases.

All sudden deaths are to be reported to the DSMP via telephone on the 24-hour GBGB helpline:

0207 822 0929

For all sudden deaths at stadia there is a requirement for a 2-3 ml heparinised blood sample to be taken and sent to a laboratory. This is in addition to the usual urine/blood samples for LGC/HFL Fordham, i.e. you will need to take either two blood samples, or a urine and a blood sample. Blood or urine sample goes to LGC/HFL; blood sample goes to Lab Services Ltd.

The case reference is the date as a number, e.g. 23rd June 2018 will be 23062018. ONLY the case reference number is to be written either on the back of the padded sample envelope or on the blood sample container. No other details are needed. No lab forms are required. POST THE SAMPLE A.S.A.P. – you don’t have to wait to discuss the case with the DSMP manager.

Please also have ready:


  • Greyhound’s racing name;
  • Trainer’s name;
  • Race distance;
  • Brief circumstances of the death (race performance, clinical signs, agonal signs).

Data collected under the DSMP is GDPR compliant and is used anonymously for scientific and epidemiological research.

If you lose the sample envelope then please post the blood sample in an approved protection and padded envelope first class to:

Lab Services Ltd.,

PO BOX 392,


WD24 7WN

This requirement is in addition to the urine or blood samples already required for security purposes under the Rules of Racing, which are to be sent to LGC/HFL Fordham. Security sampling has a higher priority.