Gallowstown Gold

Trainer: J R HALL

bk d Hades Rocket - Creevy Princess Sep-2008
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16/10/1348015.0251 3/4Miss SaffronHall Greenep, rls mid, crd130.91-1205/1A629.85RaceMeeting
11/10/134802 32 3/4WHITE PALMHall Greenep, rls mid, sn led-328.99-104/1HP29.75RaceMeeting
30/09/1348015.0056 1/4Ballymac CailinHall Greenep, rls mid, led2- 1/229.69-105/1A630.09RaceMeeting
23/09/1348015.0924Supreme ViperHall Greenep, mid rls29.66-305/1A629.68RaceMeeting
11/09/1348015.0348Ballymac ScolHall Greenmid rls led- 1/2, crd 3/429.45-104/1A529.99RaceMeeting
26/08/1348014.95510 1/2Afan AngeleyesHall Greenrls mid, led e, b crd129.37-105/1A530.12RaceMeeting
19/08/1348024.9811/2Pyets WoodHall Greenq aw, a led, held on29.58-1011/4A629.48RaceMeeting
14/08/1348014.9623/4Supreme JetHall Greenq aw mid rls ld- nr ln29.97-406/1A529.63RaceMeeting
09/08/1348014.971HDToryview ExpressHall Greenq aw, a ld, bmp rn in30.19-509/2A629.69RaceMeeting
31/07/1348014.9546 1/4Unheard OfHall Greenled e, mid rls, crd 1/429.53-106/1A629.93RaceMeeting
26/07/1348015.0145 3/4Ballymac SurfHall Greenrls, ep, clr run29.32-107/2A629.68RaceMeeting
22/07/1348014.922NKCape ScarHall Greenep, mid rls ld- rn in29.74-209/2A629.57RaceMeeting
15/07/1348014.9952 1/2Droopys IndiaHall Greenq aw mid rls led-329.79-107/1A629.90RaceMeeting
08/07/1348014.9836 3/4EVES JOEYHall Greenchl 1/4, fcd t ck, fcd t ck 3/429.48N3/1A630.03RaceMeeting
01/07/1348014.9952 3/4Newmarket HeathHall Greenep, mid rls chl-429.83-209/2A629.85RaceMeeting
24/06/1348015.021HDAwesome FireHall Greenep, sn ld, held on29.65-2011/4A729.45RaceMeeting
15/06/1348015.03615BUFFALO LIONELHall Greenrls fcd ck1, b crd229.31N7/2A730.51RaceMeeting
31/05/1348024.9944Rosbeg AoifeHall Greenmid rls led-3, crd 1/429.49107/2A729.91RaceMeeting
22/05/1348024.9042 1/2GUIDING JILLHall Greenq aw mid rls ld-3, bmp429.52-105/1A729.62RaceMeeting
17/05/1348014.9421 1/4Gatillos ScolariHall Greenmid rls ld- nr ln29.43N5/1A629.53RaceMeeting