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Trainer: C L ANDREWS

(Season: Ssn Suppressed) wbk b Daves Mentor - Longton Queen Jul-2009
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02/11/132581 21 1/2Smart StormHall Greenq aw led, ev ch16.19-255/1D416.06RaceMeeting
25/10/132582 51 1/4Moorlough StoneHall Greenep, rls mid, a handy16.27-308/1D416.09RaceMeeting
16/10/132582 58 1/4Boozed ChampHall Greenep, rls mid, fcd t ck 1/416.13-505/1D416.30RaceMeeting
12/10/132581 32 3/4Smokey PhanterHall Greenep, rls mid, led-116.38-456/1D316.16RaceMeeting
05/10/132581 46Dundonald LeoHall Greenep, mid rls crd 1/215.62-106/1D316.00RaceMeeting
27/09/132581 32 3/4Maybe ShaneHall Greenep, mid rls, a handy15.80-59/2D315.97RaceMeeting
18/09/132581 63 3/4CHEEKY CAPTAINHall Greenep, mid rls crd116.03-156/1D316.17RaceMeeting
13/09/132582 33 1/2Compass SheenaHall Greenmid rls led-216.02-307/2D316.00RaceMeeting
31/08/132584 56 1/4In The StormHall Greenrls mid, bmp115.84-57/2HP16.39RaceMeeting
28/08/132583 2SHRELENTLESS JOEHall Greenep, rls mid, led- nr ln15.91-55/4D415.87RaceMeeting
17/08/132581 48 1/4Ballymac EricHall Greenmid rls clr run15.51-511/2D316.12RaceMeeting
10/08/132581 21 1/2CHEEKY CAPTAINHall Greenq aw mid rls ld- rn in15.89-103/1D315.91RaceMeeting
02/08/132582 2SHSmudgers SwabyHall Greenq aw mid rls ld- nr ln16.09-105/1D316.00RaceMeeting
26/07/132582 33 1/2Smokey PhanterHall Greenrls mid, crd116.00-105/2D316.19RaceMeeting
17/07/132581 41 1/4Smudgers SwabyHall Greenep, mid rls chl rn in15.96-1011/4D315.94RaceMeeting
12/07/132582 67ARCHIES MEMORYHall Greenmsd brk, fcd ck& crd115.74104/1D316.40RaceMeeting
05/07/132582 11 1/4CARIBBEAN HULKHall Greenq aw mid rls, a led15.91N5/2D415.91RaceMeeting
28/06/132581 42Greencroft JackHall Greenrls mid, ld t rn in, crd16.23-359/2D316.04RaceMeeting
21/06/132581 22 1/2CHEEKY CAPTAINHall Greenmid rls led-215.81-56/1D315.96RaceMeeting
03/05/132581 1HDSmudgers SwabyHall Greenq aw, rls, a led16.10-109/2D316.00RaceMeeting