Impartiality Committee

UKAS accreditation was granted to GBGB on March 23rd 2010.  GBGB is accredited by UKAS to certify/licence:

‘The provision, by racecourses, of licensed greyhound racing in accordance with the relevant rules, contained within the GBGB Rules of Racing, including the requirements of the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations, 2010, and as identified within the GBGB Racecourse Certification Inspection Documents’.

In order to maintain accreditation, GBGB must maintain a quality system for the certification of racetracks for the above activity which meets the requirements of ISO standard 17065 (previously standard EN45011).


Impartiality Committee

The ISO 17065 standard requires the existence of an impartial group or committee (under Clause 5.2 – Mechanism for safeguarding impartiality) with independent expertise that can review the activities of the Certification Body (i.e. all members of GBGB staff involved in the accreditation process) and safeguard its impartiality.


GBGB’s Impartiality Committee is an independent group chaired by an independent GRB Director and operating within its Terms of Reference (see below). The committee monitors the activities of the certification body through regular meetings where staff are interviewed and activities reviewed. The committee also works to engage with a variety of stakeholders to inform and answer questions on the purpose and progress of GBGB’s UKAS project and its role going forward as well as seeking input and feedback from these groups.

Members of the Committee as of December 2015 are as follows:

Jenny Williams (Chair)

Peter Cadman

Dr Andrew Higgins

Dr Ed Houghton


 The function and make-up of the committee has been reviewed by UKAS and meets the accreditation requirement.


 For any specific queries or further information, please contact Amanda Duplock, Quality Manager and Secretary to the Impartiality Committee -