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GBGB statement in response to closure of Coventry Dogs

In response to the announcement that Coventry Dogs Ltd will close after the last race on Saturday 22nd February, GBGB Chief Executive Barry Faulkner said:

“Everyone at GBGB is disappointed to hear the news that Coventry will close after the last race on Saturday night.

“We will liaise with the management and trainers to assist with re-location to other tracks where possible. We have funding available to ensure that no greyhounds are put at risk as a result of the closure and we will be working, where required, with re-homing organisations to find greyhounds suitable homes. Trainers will receive notification early next week detailing available support and how to apply.

“GBGB continues to be committed to working on behalf of the sport to ensure that greyhound racing remains one of country’s most popular spectator sports and strongest betting products with the highest standards of integrity and welfare.”