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UKAS renews GBGB accreditation

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) is pleased to announce that its accreditation has been renewed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for the inspection and licensing of racecourses against the GBGB Rules of Racing following track and Head Office based audits carried out in late-2013. Confirmation was received after UKAS’ assessment data had been independently verified by a third party.

Amanda Duplock, GBGB Quality Manager and Secretary to the UKAS Committee said:

“As part of a four-yearly cycle, this was the first full reassessment audit to be carried out since accreditation was secured in March 2010, following regular annual surveillance audits in the interim which were satisfactorily completed. UKAS accreditation enables the sport to continue self-regulating and helps to maintain the high standards the industry has come to expect from the governing body.”

In 2013, UKAS carried out detailed inspections which included looking at processes and procedures involved in track inspection and licensing to assess compliance with all clauses of the standard EN45011, against which GBGB is assessed.

Amanda Duplock added:

“GBGB has strived to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the procedures involved with the inspection and licensing of tracks year-on-year. This has included work at ground level with the Board’s Stipendiary Stewards and inspections themselves, and also in terms of the processes and documentation used to support the procedure at Head Office. We are pleased that progress in these areas was again noted by UKAS in their report.”

As this was a full re-assessment audit, UKAS was required to send its reports and audit findings, as well as GBGB’s responses, for independent assessment to ensure transparency and impartiality. This external assessment has been passed and the UKAS cycle will now start over. Annual surveillance audits will commence later in the year to assess GBGB’s compliance with the relevant standard, and a further full audit will take place in 2017.