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The 2014 winners of the GBGB Owner of the Year award have been announced as the KSS syndicate, led by Brendan Keogh and Simon Senyk.


The syndicate have had a number of useful performers over the years and this year’s winning points total, accumulated through several of 2014's major competition Finals, was amassed by no fewer than ten individual scorers, led by Arc winner King Dec, track record breaking Skate On, dual major six bend competition finalist Farley Chicken and newcomer King Alley.


A feature of the winning team is the mixture of home breds as well as greyhounds acquired through sales and they were brought to the track in peak condition by trainer Liz McNair ably assisted by husband Rab.


Previous winners of the award include Bob Morton, Mark Currell and last year’s Derby winning owners Daren Johnson and Simon Wooder. The KSS Syndicate topped the 2014 points scoring charts courtesy of their consistently competitive greyhounds' achievements, participating in a wide variety of events, covering many distances and categories.