Latest News Northern Puppy Derby - Newcastle 480m (£8,000)

Camp Joker put in a fantastic display taking his heat in breathtaking fashion in 28.56. Pat Rosney's puppy flew out recording a 4.60 sectional and from that point on it was a race against the clock. Newyork City Boy made it a double for Pat Rosney in this competition and a four-timer on the night winning in 28.95. Droopys Buick showed he is not a one-trick-pony after missing his break to run on strong to take his heat in 28.81. Ted Soppitt and owner Carl Roberts scored with Calzaghe Matt in 28.93 and I decided to catch up with him once again.


Six Heat Winners


Heat-One - Calzaghe Matt 28.93, Heat-Two - Droopys Buick 28.81, Heat-Three - Calzaghe Billy 28.81, Heat-Four - Bower Road 29.13, Heat-Five - Camp Joker 28.56, Heat-Six - Newyork City Boy 28.95.


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Semi-Finals 10/10/15 (live RPGTV)


Carl Roberts Owner Of Calzaghe Matt 


"I was really pleased to see Calzaghe Billy run well for new connections after I sold him and would like to wish them well.


Calzaghe Matt was not an expensive purchase from Ireland and I thought he ran very well. He's a dog that took Ted a while to get right but once again huge credit to his brilliant trainer because now we are reaping the rewards. He is a dog that gets better the more he runs a track and I'd be hopeful there is further improvement to come. He's got a nice draw in the semi-final and I think he should qualify".


18 sensational puppies head to the semi-finals live on RPGTV on Saturday night. I'm immediately drawn to the second semi-final; Droopys Buick V Camp Joker what a contest this is going to be. Will they both make it to the final? 




T1 Ballymac Sheehy 

T2 Newyork City Boy 

T3 Woodys Antigua 

T4 Calzaghe Billy 

T5 Droopys Portlaw (m) 

T6 Bramble Paddy (m)


T1 Ballymac Darragh 

T2 Droopys Buick 

T3 Camp Joker 

T4 Greenwell Gem (m) 

T5 Bramble Robson (m) 

T6 Reynolds Badger (m)


T1 Droopys Five 

T2 Calzaghe Matt 

T3 Fred The Shred 

T4 Bower Road (m) 

T5 Millwards Daisy (m) 

T6 Burnfoot Rumble (m)