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The best stayers in the country set off in their bid to land the 2015 William Hill St Leger and bank the whopping £25,000 first prize on Saturday night. This outstanding competition was first run all the way back in 1928 and to date no greyhound has ever won it back-to-back. When you think of all the outstanding champions that have stood on the winner’s podium that statistic is remarkable. Not even the world's most famous greyhound Mick The Miller, the 1931 winner, could manage to defend his crown. Can Roxholme Dream pull off one of the most amazing feats ever in the sport and succeed where so many great champions have failed? 


Lots of talk at this time of the year about who should be awarded Greyhound Of The Year Award. Every member at the GWA will have their thoughts of likely candidates but if Roxholme Dream was to successfully defend her title she could come from nowhere and be a real contender for that honour. Heading into the first-round Roxholme Dream was not back to her sparkling best yet from her seasonal break but she ensured history could really be in the making with a winning first-round performance. The defending champion blasted clear and held on from the fast finishing Lowgate Jasper by a Neck in 42.29 -30. It will certainly not be easy to pull off this incredible feat it is not only history that is against this fantastic bitch but there are plenty of big rivals for her crown.


There were big questions being asked about Millwards Teddy last year's runner-up after he had to be withdrawn from the final of the Yorkshire St Leger (he was the defending champion). Was he fit? Was he injury free? Like this dogs done on many occasions, he answered his critics in style scoring by 3.25L in 41.98 -30. 


Romany Rouge had not won for eight months and had incredibly finished second in ten of his last eleven races. He would change that here scoring by 1.75L in 42.20 -30 and if any greyhound deserved to get his head in front and win a race it was this super consistent greyhound.


Full List Of First-Round Heat Winners (track rated -30)


Bullofstonehall: 16.50, 42.30

Ribble Atom: 16.60, 42.02

Romany Rouge: 16.50, 42.20

Roxholme Dream: 16.25, 42.29

Millwards Teddy: 16.28, 41.98

Jet Stream Lilly: 16.82, 42.60

Fizzypop Buddy: 16.40, 42.03

Diego Flight: 16.33, 41.76


Full results here;




If you thought the first-round was exciting I've news for you; the excitement levels are set to be cranked up a notch. Once again it will be the first-three home that qualify for the semi-finals and that gives you a little room for error. Roxholme Dream, the greyhound bidding to make history, goes in the third of the second-round heats and she must improve if she is going to get close to pulling off this magnificent feat. 


The race I'm most excited about seeing is heat two. Diego Flight clocked the fastest winning time in the first-round but here he is taking on Droopys Cottage, Romany Rouge, Borna Champ and co. What a race this is going to, I can't wait to see which way it goes. 


Millwards Teddy last year's runner-up goes in the final heat and he will have to be in top form if he is going to emerge victorious. Fizzypop Buddy and co will make sure it most certainly will be no walk in the park for this great champion. 


One greyhound perhaps you may be are not familiar with is Bullofstonehall. He was impressive in the first-round and I decided to catch up with Paul Garland and get the low-down on this new staying star who goes in heat-one. 


Paul Garland on Bullofstonehall 


“He ran really well on Saturday night and it was great to qualify. I'm happy with his second-round draw and if he comes away like he can then I'd expect him to qualify. The draw could have been a lot worse for sure. He is very lightly raced and he only had four runs in Ireland before he came over. He's a big dog but got fairly good early especially for a stayer and I'm sure he is open to further improvement”.




T1 Ribble Atom

T2 Racenight Jenny

T3 Sosaidhs Blue (m)

T4 There It Is (w)

T5 Bullofstonehall (w)

T6 Swansalona Diva (w)


T1 Droopys Cottage

T2 Borna Champ

T3 Diego Flight (m)

T4 Brinkleysdominic (w)

T5 Oneco Sky (w)

T6 Romany Rouge 


T1 Mowem Down

T2 Fizzypop Magic

T3 Roxholme Dream (m)

T4 Lowgate Jasper (w)

T5 Ferryforth Fran (w)

T6 Droopys Tamera (w)


T1 Immiconn

T2 Teejayspowerhawk

T3 Fizzypop Buddy (m)

T4 Jimmy Nailed On (w)

T5 Millwards Teddy (w)

T6 Jet Stream Lilly (w)