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GBGB Response to Budget speech

The GBGB notes Chancellor George Osborne’s inclusion in today’s budget speech a commitment to creating a “horse racing betting right” and is surprised that the comments were made just six days after the consultation on the issue closed (12th March).  This suggests that the matter was decided before the consultation period ended and raises questions about the purpose of the consultation. It is clear that little consideration has been given to the detailed submission made by GBGB in addition to those of other organisations and individuals.


The GBGB welcomes the principle of a racing right but believes that it should be extended to include greyhound racing. In the GBGB’s submission to the DCMS it said:


“We are aware of – and perplexed by - the Government’s current stance that such a Right should not be extended to any sport other than Horseracing on the grounds that Horseracing has a unique relationship with Betting. We vigorously contend that Horseracing’s so-called uniqueness is a proposition that does not withstand even cursory examination. In fact, the only relevant difference between Horseracing and Greyhound Racing is that the former has a Levy, a source of funding, we would argue, unfairly denied to the latter.”


The GBGB will continue to press for greyhound racing to be included in a racing right and will take legal advice as necessary.