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The 69th British Bred Produce Stakes

Six fantastic second-round heats took place at Swindon on Wednesday night and the British Bred's did not disappoint, putting on a real show for this amazing £15,000 to-the-winner competition.


Three of the six races went to David Firmager with Romeo Treaty 28.95 -10, Fabulous Milan 28.93 -10 and Romeo Storm 28.79 -10. That is impressive on its own but the night got even better with Romeo Campaign and Fabulous Expert also qualifying to give David Firmager five runners through to the semi-finals.


Matt Dartnall had a big night and sent out the most impressive winner on the night in What Fun Jamie. He trapped out brilliantly and scorched around Swindon winning by 5.25L in a very smart 28.59 -10. What Fun Jo Jo and What Fun Gracie also qualified for the kennel but What Fun Jamie looks potentially a real star.


Aero Liberty won again for Maggie Lucas clocking a very fast 4.40 sectional and winning by 0.75L over Romany Rouge in 29.08 -10. The remaining second-round winner was Hazel Kemp's Bodell Spark who recorded 29.00 -10.


It's all to play for heading to the semi-finals, can anyone stop David Firmager or Matt Dartnall from landing this great competition? I thought I'd catch up with Hazel Kemp trainer of Bodell Spark and get the lowdown on him.


Hazel Kemp On Bodell Spark


'Finleys Spark was our main dog for the competition but he picked up an injury just before the start. We had entered Bodell Spark and we thought we'd give it a crack, to be honest it's a nice surprise. He started off with good early-pace but seemed to lose that a bit but with regular running it seems to have come back. He showed good early last night and it's great he qualified. He's kept nipping through and it's going to be fun to see where he ends up. We have nothing to lose and I breed a lot of pups so it's great to be involved in this important competition. We will need an alarm clock for Monday, it's an early start with kennelling at 9.30am but fingers crossed he can qualify. It would be amazing for him to make the final'. 


Upcoming Dates

Semi-Finals - Monday 20th June 

Final - Saturday 25th June