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Coral Champion Stakes - Romford 575m (£10,000)

The Coral Champion Stakes is one of the most exhilarating competitions in the calendar. It brings together a mix of top four and six-bend performers who battle it out over 575m in a bid to land the sensational £10,000 to-the-winner prize. On Friday 28th August 36 greyhounds set out on a mission to join a long list of previous winners dating all the way back to 1947. The competition started life off at Wimbledon but was stopped in 1973. Romford and Coral brought this competition back from the dead in 1988 and we've enjoyed some sensational champions ever since. None more so than double champion Sail Over in 1990 and 1991. Sam Sykes’ greyhound to this day remains the only greyhound to successfully defend his title.


The entry looked exceptional this year and they delivered a remarkable night of first-round action. Adageo Bob fans got a real scare when he was forced to check and dropped back to 5th around the opening bend. He showed real character to not only qualify but to win his heat. Connections will be hoping it's a case of third time lucky in the Coral Champion Stakes. I don't think anyone in the sport would deny this brilliant dog a big Romford victory. It's not going to be easy, Kevin Hutton duo of Jet Stream Jack and Jet Stream Sound both broke 35.00 on a track rated +30. Adageo Bob also faces a big danger from his own kennel; Patchys Kerry and Blonde Razor both secured impressive heat victories, Domino Storm may not have won her heat finishing 2nd to Jet Stream Sound but the Derby Plate champion is safely through and looks open to huge improvement. It looks like there is everything to play for heading to the amazing semi-finals.



Jet Stream Jack (34.93)

Jaytee Berlin (35.46)

Adageo Bob (35.26)

Patchys Kerry (35.07)

Jet Stream Sound (34.78)

Blonde Razor (35.09)

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Semi-Finals Friday 4th September (RPGTV)


We now have the 18 qualifiers for the semi-finals which will take place live on RPGTV. All three of these are exceptional races and all in theory could be a major final. With just two qualifiers from each semi-final it's definitely hotting up and something must give. I decided to catch up with champion trainer Mark Wallis and Kevin Hutton to get the low-down on their semi-final runners.


Mark Wallis On Domino Storm, Patchys Kerry, Blonde Razor, Adageo Bob and Jimmy Nailed On 

'Domino Storm had never been out of those boxes before and she should come on for her first run over six-bends. I think she's got a good draw and of my runners I'd probably say she's the one that could give Adageo Bob most to think about but there's also plenty of very good greyhounds from other kennels. Patchys Kerry drawn in the same semi-final looks to have a very tough draw but is running very well.

We have three in the next semi-final; the old boy Blonde Razor is a real credit and he ran very well in the heats. He's got a good draw and there's no reason why he should not go well here. Adageo Bob put in a superb effort in the heats after he had to check back. He's got it all and the draws all seem to come alike to him. He's not showing that real sparkle at the boxes we all know he can show but I see no reason why that won't return. On his day he's incredible and you just hope he qualifies and sparkles in the final. Jimmy Nailed On is a good dog and running well. Only two can qualify and he must come away to stand a chance of making the final'.


Kevin Hutton on Jet Stream Sound and Jet Stream Jack

'This year's competition looks better than ever, it's a real strong entry and more competitive than when we won it two years ago with Airport Captain. I was delighted with Jet Stream Sound and Jet Stream Jack in the heats. 

Jet Stream Sound is a fast dog who can do it both ways it gives him options. I never thought he would break Airport Captain's track-record at Henlow. This dog will battle for you right up to the line. In his semi-final I think Domino Storm is a big danger but he's flying at the minute and I'm expecting a big run. It's all about qualifying and getting to that final.

Jet Stream Jack can trap a lot better, he's different to Sound in that he must come away and be on the bunny. He's a million if he does not but I think he's more than capable of doing that. I'm delighted with his draw and I think there's more to come from him especially around Romford. 

Mark Wallis looks to have a very strong hand with some magnificent dogs but my two lads are with a bit of luck real contenders'.


1st semi-final 

T1 Jaytee Osprey 

T2 Jet Stream Sound 

T3 Domino Storm 

T4 Patches Kerry 

T5 Farley Rio (m) 

T6 Droopys Jarrow (w)


2nd semi-final

T1 Chicago 

T2 Blonde Razor 

T3 Teejays Panther 

T4 Fivestar Legacy (m) 

T5 Adageo Bob (w) 

T6 Jimmy Nailed On (w)


3rd semi-final 

T1 Jaytee Berlin 

T2 Teejayspowerhawk 

T3 Franks Dream 

T4 Ballymac Loch (m) 

T5 Jet Stream Jack (m) 

T6 Oneco Sky (w)