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The Totepool 69th East Anglian Derby - Yarmouth 462m (£15,000)


This competition has been electrifying from the very first heat. The semi-finals served up a real treat and wetted the appetite for what surely is going to be one of the greatest races in 2015. Defending champion Swift Keith bowed out graciously but both dog and handler deserve huge credit for the brave fight they put up in trying to retain the title. It means we are going to witness a new name on this prestigious trophy. 


1st Semi-Final - Do It For Twiggy ran away with his semi-final for Erica Samuels scoring by a huge 5.25L in 27.48 +20. It was an exceptional performance because he suffered first-bend crowding, he is so brave and really attacked the opening turn. Once he saw clear daylight he stepped on the accelerator and the opposition had no answers. Farloe Brae 2nd and Calco Flyer 3rd qualified and both suffered trouble and given a clear run it could well be a different story.


2nd Semi-Final - Seamus Cahill was delighted to land a one-two here with Southfield Jock and Ballymac Brogan. It was the former who came out on top by 2.25L in 27.67 +20. It was a bit slower that the 1st semi-final but both Southfield Jock and Ballymac Brogan suffered baulking and lost a good bit of time. Urban Road ran on very well to grab 3rd to qualify for the big decider.


The draw was going to be vital and I am sure will play a huge role in helping determine who will be crowned the 2015 champion.  




T1 Do It For Twiggy, 

T2 Farloe Brae, 

T3 Calco Flyer, 

T4 Southfield Jock, 

T5 Urban Road, 

T6 Ballymac Brogan (m).


Do It For Twiggy has been flying in this competition but although seeded rails is arguably better drawn slightly off the fence. He's got plenty of middle comments and if he's to win he must explode from the boxes. Urban Road looks to be a big loser on the draw and he to will need to be lively from the boxes. The Seamus Cahill duo of Southfield Jock and Ballymac Brogan looked to have sensational draws. Southfield Jock may be seeded rails but he's ran some of his best races out the middle. Ballymac Brogan looks to have handled the stripe jacket extremely well on his last two starts and with Urban Road being rails to middle he should get a clear run. Farloe Brae and Calco Flyer are here on merit and drawn well. The run to the corner is going to be thrilling because which one of these incredible greyhounds times their break best will immediately have one paw on the £15,000 to-the-winner prize.


Seamus Cahill on Southfield Jock and Ballymac Brogan


"The one dog (Do It For Twiggy) is running very well and overall it's a terrific final. You need your share of luck in these big competitions and trap-draws are vital. Southfield Jock is drawn really well I'd say he's got his box and he's lightly raced after picking up an injury on Derby final night. He's really well and I'm hopeful of a very big run, I'd say he's just hitting his peak at the right time.


A very similar story with Ballymac Brogan I'm very happy with the draw and he's also lightly raced. He split a web at Sunderland but is now starting to hit his peak. Brogan has not pinged yet like I know he can and if he was to do that here he'd have a big chance.


Both are very well and honestly I'd not like to split them I think they've both got a decent chance. You need that bit of luck on the night. Both sets of owners are really good friends and I hope it's a clean run race and may the best dog on the night win it".