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GBGB Press release - John Haynes

 John Haynes has announced his retirement and will be standing down from his duties with Greyhound Board of Great Britain.


 John was a member of the Board from its inception in 2009 and prior to that was a member of the Board of Directors of the GBGB’s predecessor, the British Greyhound Racing Board, where he was first appointed in 1999. John has represented owners and trainers robustly during his time with both organisations, ensuring the practitioners’ voice has been heard at the highest level within the sport. He was particularly focussed on improving rewards to owners and trainers and was instrumental in the introduction of the Owners’ Bonus initiative.


 John did groundbreaking work for greyhound welfare when chairman of BGRB Welfare Committee during 2000s.


 John also joined the board of British Greyhound Racing Fund in 2000 and became a trustee of the Retired Greyhound Trust in 1999 where his interest in greyhound welfare made him a valuable contributor to the work of the Trust.


 The GBGB wishes John all the best for the future.