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GBGB Press Release _ Today's board meeting

The future of the Derby was discussed at the GBGB board meeting today and it was decided to form a working party to consider the competition’s future, specifically its location.

The GBGB will be represented on the working party by chairman Tom Kelly, chief executive Barry Faulkner and Clive Feltham. Steve Fluin of the Champagne Club has agreed to join and another individual of a similar stature within the sport is being approached.

GBGB chairman Tom Kelly said; “It is important that we agree a venue as soon as possible so that a sponsor can be found. Had we managed to reach agreement on funding with the bookmakers that took account of their online greyhound turnover, then we would have been able to sponsor the competition ourselves and call it the GBGB Greyhound Derby.”

The issue of permit trainers was also raised at today’s meeting and it was agreed that the issue would be discussed at the next meeting of the Rules Review Committee, as part a wider discussion on possible changes to licensing that may help to overcome issues related to the shortage of greyhounds.