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BAGS/SIS Track Championship Final - Perry Barr - various distances

THE 6th BAGS/SIS Track Championship takes centre stage in the betting shops and is the feature of a three and half hour live Sky Sports 5 broadcast from host track Perry Barr on Friday afternoon.

Towcester, last year’s winner, is favourite to retain its title but this is by consensus one of the most competitive finals of greyhound racing’s only team competition since it was inaugurated.

The field has been slimmed down to six tracks from the 20 that started out, courtesy of four regional qualifying groups. The action began back in September and between now and then there has been some terrific racing on the track and no shortage of heartbreak off it.

On Friday, a winner will be crowned. The others will quickly forget the disappointment and start preparations for 2017. Things move fast in the greyhound world.

The winning team will pick up a cheque for £15,000 to be split between the winning trainers and the track. Second place is worth £10,000. Third is £7,500, fourth is £4,000, fifth gets £2,000 and sixth £1,000.

The format has stayed consistent in the half a dozen years the Track Championship has been around, except for the odd tweak here and there. One new addition this year has been the Elite leg. This has been created to allow tracks to show off the best they have to offer and has been well received by the tracks and racegoers alike.

The points system is as follows: First – 10 points, Second – 7 points, Third – 5 points, Fourth – 3 points, Fifth – 2 points, Sixth – 1 point. A non-runner receives no points. The track with the most points after the 10 legs is the winner.

It has all the ingredients of an absolute cracker. If you can get to the track do so, there is no substitute for the atmosphere of the live product. If you cannot get to Perry Barr you can watch it on Sky Sports 5 or in your local betting shop. It really is an unmissable occasion and we wish all six tracks competing the very best of luck.


Peter O’Dowd (Romford): “We are happy with our team and the trap draws haven’t worked out too badly. The trainers and owners have all been up for the competition, which is great. Our best chance would seem to be with Sneezys Martin (2.08pm – Youngsters). He has the looked very promising in his races so far and with any luck will go closes in the opener. I think Hunter Ben (3.48pm - Sprint) could be a lively outsider. He’s the widest drawn of four middle seeds and, if getting away well, he will make them go.”

Sam Tweed (Sheffield): “Geelo Bullet (4.47 - Stayers A) looks the best bet of our runners, although his draw in trap one in a race consisting of six middle seeds could have been better. He has lovely early pace and, if trapping well, I can see a situation where he’ll hold his position to the bend and turn in front. Of the others, Vera Vang (3.07pm – Stayers B) could run well at a decent price. Alma Radar, on the back of a very quick trial, looks the one to beat but he starts slowly, unlike Vera Vang who can lead top heat over 500 metres at Sheffield. If she gets away she will make them all go.”


Jason Allwood (Newcastle): “I must say we have got some tremendous draws. They wouldn’t be better if we had picked them ourselves. Our best bet must be Droopys Five (5.07pm – Elite). He was second in the All England Cup, has been running well and, if he can lead these, he is extremely unlikely to be caught. A bigger priced runner that could run well is Milesian Mecca (3.28pm – Standard), who was beaten only four and a half lengths by Droopys Five in a trial. Not so long ago he was the top dog at Newcastle. He lost his way a bit but seems to be coming to hand, particularly judging on a brilliant run in an A1 earlier this month.”

Lisa Samson (Peterborough): “The draws haven’t been too kind, particularly to Coolruss Alpha who is drawn right out in five. But our best chance looks likely to be Glatton Gunner (4.27pm – Bitches A). He trialled really well at Perry Barr and has won two of this last three starts. A quick start would put him in with a very serious chance. I like the look of Belvoir Bay (3.48pm – Sprint) in trap one. He won a top heat here and might get round in a good position. Kooga Klammer (5.07pm – Elite) appears to be drawn on the right side of Fault Finder and has the class to make an impact.”


Chris Page (Towcester): “The two I would expect to score heavily for us are Garryglass Pixie (2.47pm – Bitches B) and Slick Straus (4.47pm – Stayers A). I think they are our best chances. I think it is particularly competitive this year. There isn’t a great deal between us, Sheffield and Newcastle. If I had to nominate one team I would go with Sheffield. I think they have a number of potentially very good dogs that have gone under the radar. Our team is good but not many of them would have been our first choice when the competition got under way in September.”


Jason Smith (Nottingham): “It’s the first time we have reached the final and we are delighted to be there. Our best chance of maximum points is probably Swift Lucian (3.28pm – Standard). He has won seven from seven at Nottingham and has trialled really well at Perry Barr, which is a track our dogs generally take to because it isn’t that dissimilar to our own. I also like the chances of Windswept Elm (2.47pm – Bitches B). This will be her third time round Perry Barr and she generally improves with more experience at a track. Also, keep an eye on Alma Radar (3.07pm – Stayers B). He is a slow-burner and stays forever.”




2.08– Youngsters (480m)

1 Headford Sky (Newcastle)

2 Worsboro Zebo (Sheffield),

3 Sneezys Martin (Romford)

4 Adageo Gold (Towcester)

5 Kooga Klum (m) (Peterborough)

6 Hollygate Best (m) (Nottingham).


2.27- Dogs B (480m)

1 Sonny Da Boy (|Romford)

2 Hinbos Lad (Nottingham)

3 Crooks Emporio (Newcastle)

4 Swift Bravo (m) (Towcester)

5 Geelo Olympic (m) (Sheffield)

6 Cracker Joke (m) (Peterborough).


2.47 - Bitches B (480m)

1 Garryglass Pixie (Towcester)

2 Lanrigg Sheena (Peterborough)

3 Yahoo Joan (Sheffield)

4 Some Woman (m) (Newcastle)

5 Quantum (m) (Romford)

6 Windswept Elm (Nottingham)


3.07 Stayers B (660m)

1 Vera Vang (Sheffield)

2 Forest Luck (Towcester)

3 Princess Freya (m) (Peterborough)

4 Alma Radar (m) (Nottingham)

5 Karachi (w) (Romford)

6 Going All In (w) (Newcastle)


3.28 Standard (480)

1 Canine Crusher (Romford)

2 Swift Lucian (Nottingham)

3 Ballymac Sheehy (Sheffield)

4 Ardera Foxy (m) (Peterborough)

5 Milesian Mecca (w) (Newcastle)

6 Far Bank Frank (w) (Towcester)


3.48 Sprint (275)

1 Belvoir Bay (Peterborough)

2 Swift Dartmoor (Towcester)

3 Geelo Gaga (m) (Sheffield)

4 Revilo Fox (m) (Nottingham)

5 Bramble Bruno (m) (Newcastle)

6 Hunter Ben (m) (Romford)  


4.08 Dogs A (480)

1 Barrack Jamie (Nottingham)

2 Crooks Cruiser (Newcastle)

3 Macs On Storm (Towcester)

4 Chilli Squid (Romford)

5 Coolruss Alpha (Peterborough)

6 Geelo Storm (m) (Sheffield)


4.27 Bitches A (480m)

1 Geelo Sapphire (Sheffield)

2 Invincible Lady (Newcastle)

3 Glatton Gunner (Peterborough)

4 Mossrich Mirage (Towcester)

5 Sporting Eryn (m) (Nottingham)

6 Be Majestic (w) (Romford)


4.47 Stayers A (480m)

1 Geelo Bullet (m) (Sheffield)

2 Slick Straus (m) (Towcester)

3 Bramble Rubin (m)

4 Winker Harold (m) (Peterborough)

5 Tynwald Dinney (m) (Nottingham)

6 Bonamassa Tom (m) (Romford)


5.07 Elite (480m)

1 Beckjay Scooby (Nottingham)

2 Droopys Five (Newcastle)

3 Kooga Klammer (m) (Peterborough)

4 Fault Finder (m) (Sheffield)

5 Ballymac Shirley (m) (Towcester)

6 Ajlo Legalbeagle (w) (Romford)