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GBGB Response to the EFRA Select Committee report on Greyhound Welfare


The Greyhound Board of Great Britain welcomes this generally helpful and positive report. We are appreciative of the manner in which the Select Committee conducted its inquiry and we are pleased that many of the findings indicate that GBGB is moving in the right direction. Where more still needs to be done, this can largely be attributed to a severe lack of funding, something that EFRA has both recognised and made recommendations on. In other areas, we have already made commitments to DEFRA that closely align with the EFRA proposals.




In particular, we are pleased that the Committee has recommended ways in which greyhound racing’s financial issues can be addressed. We also welcome the strong implication within the report that greyhound racing is entitled to benefit from either a statutory levy or, indeed, to be included in any alternative funding mechanism which the Government may decide to introduce in the future. In the meantime, we look forward to continuing our current dialogue with the betting industry’s representative bodies with a view to jointly addressing the funding crisis as a matter of urgency.




Inevitably, given the Select Committee’s remit, the welfare of racing greyhounds is prioritised in this report. We regard the Committee’s proposals in this area as sensible and, working with DEFRA, we will do everything possible to respond to them. Indeed, we have already committed to the extension of UKAS accreditation to our kennel inspection process and we are currently building a new database that will improve the quality and clarity of information relating to track injuries and euthanasia.

Full report here: 

EFRA Select Committee report on Greyhound Welfare