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Dispensation given to Rule 90 - Dead Heat for qualifying place

The GBGB Senior Stipendiary Steward, Mr Paul Illingworth, has given dispensation to Rule 90 (Dead-heat for qualifying place) not to come into effect following the withdrawal of Farloe Cody from the third round of the Greyhound Derby. Rule 90 is required when two or more greyhounds dead heat for a qualifying place in an eliminating round of a competition in order to ensure the correct number of greyhounds go through to the subsequent round. Following the withdrawal of a greyhound that has already qualified for the next round, and in the circumstance whereby the draw for the third round has not taken place until such time as the outcome of Rule 90 is decided, dispensation under Rule 4A(ii) applies.


The draw for the third round of the Greyhound Derby will take place in the executive suite at Wimbledon stadium on Wednesday, 18th March at 11am.