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GBGB Press Release: DEFRA responds to EFRA Select Committee Report

The GBGB welcomes today’s response by the Government to the EFRA Select Committee report on Greyhound Welfare, published on 25 February 2016, and is pleased that it echoes the Select Committee’s view that the “2010 Regulations have improved the welfare of greyhounds at race tracks.”


The GBGB notes that DEFRA has confirmed to the Committee the Board’s commitment to greater transparency through the publication of data relating to injury, euthanasia and retirements; while the development of a common welfare standard for residential kennels will ensure greater welfare standards at all its licensed kennels. The Board is equally pleased that the government has reiterated its position that the contributions by the betting industry “should reflect the total income generated by the sport”.  


GBGB chief executive Barry Falkner said; “We welcome this report as it shows the Committee the progress we are making working with Defra to formulate changes to the 2010 Greyhound Welfare Regulations. We are pleased that the government is of the view that self-regulation is working and that therefore there is no need for the establishment of an independent regulator.”