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Advice to Trainers and Stadiums relating to hot weather

 During this period of hot weather, please ensure the following safeguards are in place:


  • Please check each trainer is compliant with the Transport Guidelines as per Appendix II of the Rules of Racing, e.g. suitable air management in each vehicle, suitable cages built of an impervious mesh material for maximum ventilation including a cushioned non-slip floor surface, an adequate provision of water is transported and to be given as required.
  • The duty vet inspects each greyhound at kennelling, before and after racing and to check for signs of heat stress.
  • Air management or air conditioning is functioning correctly in the race kennels and is switched on prior to kennelling to ensure maximum effect.
  • Water is made available prior to kennelling, in the race kennel and after each greyhound has raced.
  • Parade times are appropriately shortened to avoid any unnecessary exposure to the sun or heat.
  • Greyhounds should remain in air managed kennels until such time as they are loaded for transporting to their residential kennels. Under no circumstances should greyhounds be left unattended on a van.