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Colossus Bets TV Trophy - Towcester 906M - £8,000

TIME, it is said, is only important if you are doing it. And those that pay scant heed to the clock and prefer to judge the merits of their greyhounds on what they are told by their eyes will most probably have invested on Borna Mindy who landed the Colossus Bets TV Trophy over 906 metres at Towcester on Wednesday.

The bitch trained by Diane Henry was almost eight and a half lengths inferior on the clock to Ballymac Bonnie, the odds-on favourite and defending champion, after the heats the Wednesday before last. But those that paid close attention to Borna Mindy in action then could easily have constructed a case for her losing as much as that in running.

Whilst only marginally ahead of Ribble Atom on the clock, Ballymac Bonnie was made the odds-on favourite on the back of another eye-catching last-to-first performance in the heats, and there was little concern when she again dropped off the pace as they set off in the final.

Predictably, Spa Road Piper went off in front. Borna Mindy soon moved into second as Ribble Atom settled in third. Kilfane King was fourth, with Lemon Lyric and Ballymac Bonnie sharing body heat at the back of the field.

Borna Mindy made her move along the back straight for the second time. Spa Road Piper began to tire and Ballymac Bonnie and Lemon Lyric started to improve their positions.

At the crown of the seventh and eighth bends, Ballymac Bonnie moved into second and appeared to have the measure of the leader. There was an incident off the last turn when Ballymac Bonnie seemed to check as she moved outside to challenge Borna Mindy.

The favourite, though, had given her all and in the end Borna Mindy was a clear length ahead of Ballymac Bonnie. Ribble Atom finished third for the second successive year, a further five lengths behind. The winner time was 55.97sec – almost a full second quicker than that record by Borna Mindy in the heats, highlighting just how much trouble she found in that race.

Prior to the race, the talk was of Ballymac Bonnie becoming only the third greyhound to win the TV Trophy in consecutive years but afterwards it was another double we were celebrating, that of Diane Henry winning the race for the second time in three years after the success of her King Kane in 2014.



Diane Henry (Borna Mindy): “The TV Trophy is always a very nice race to win. It’s a high profile race and it has always been a bit special to me. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. It’s a fantastic feeling. I was really impressed with the way she stayed on to win last week after all that trouble but you don’t know how well they get home until they are tested by the very best. So when Ballymac Bonnie began to close I didn’t really know what to expect. I said to myself ‘go on girl, you’ve got to kick on now’ and she did. I’d like to say thank you to Martin Maher in Ireland. He sent me Borna Mindy to train last year. After a few months he put her up for sale. I asked John and the boys to buy her and they said yes in a split second. This bitch is class and she is getting stronger and stronger. She thrives on racing and is just a great bitch to train.”

John Lynk (part owner of Borna Mindy): “Diane has had a 12-month mood on her since she was forced to pull out King Kane (subsequently retired) of the TV Trophy last year with a wrist injury. I don’t think she ever got over that but this will help. I must admit I got Borna Mindy completely wrong. I thought the TV Trophy trip was outside her stamina but Diane proved me wrong. I couldn’t believe the price (7-2). Anyone who watched the heat last week couldn’t have made her that price. I made them (Ballymac Bonnie and Borna Mindy) a lot closer.”

Steve Taylor (part owner of Borna Mindy): “When you think about what she left on the track last week, she had to have a fantastic chance. Diane is an exceptional trainer and we have got to thank her for this. She is hands on 24-7, and it pays off.”