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GBGB Press Statement - GBGB Practitioner Directors

The GBGB Nominations Committee made its recommendations regarding Practitioner Directors at the meeting of the Main Board yesterday.




The Committee reported that only one nomination had been received for the role of Practitioner Director to represent Professional Trainers. Peter Harnden who is attached to Nottingham was nominated by Pat Rosney and Laurence Tuffin and was supported by other leading professional trainers.


The Committee discussed whether the nomination process should be re-opened. However, after noting that every Professional Trainer had been given the opportunity to apply but had not, and into taking account of the quality of the application, the Committee recommended that Peter Harnden’s nomination should be accepted by the Board.


The Board accepted the nomination and Peter will join the Board at its scheduled meeting on 23rd March.


GBGB Chairman Tom Kelly who also chairs the Nominations Committee said, ‘While it was a little disappointing to receive just one nomination, Peter’s application was first class and we are convinced that he will make a major contribution to the work of the Board and champion the cause of trainers throughout the country.’


Peter Harnden said, ’It is an honour and privilege to be given a chance in this position. You can be assured I will give this 100% to help create a better future for all my fellow trainers.




The Nominations Committee reported that there had been an exceptional response to the call for nominations for the role of Practitioner Directors for Owners.


The ten nominations that had been received were of a high quality and the Committee recommended that six of the applicants should be invited to meet the Nominations Committee who would then recommend three of them to the 23rd March Board meeting. A vote for GBGB registered owners would then be held, as originally planned, which would enable the successful applicant to take his / her seat on the Board at the 18th May meeting.