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Registration Fees break details: 1st November - 31st December 2017

GBGB today announced a 2 month ‘registration fees break’ commencing 1st November running until the end of 2017. Following this week’s GBGB Board meeting and discussion around uses for a small predicted budget surplus, it was agreed that all GBGB registration and transfers fees (not including stud book fees) would be waived from 1st November until 31st December 2017 inclusive which will enable owners and trainers to register new greyhounds and transfer ownership of greyhounds free of charge during this period. This will also include name changes for currently registered greyhounds.

GBGB trainers’ representative Peter Harnden said:

“Whilst the fees paid to register a dog or transfer a greyhound across from one owner to another etc. are part of the accepted everyday costs of racing greyhounds, to not have to cover these for two months, as a trainer, established owner or even someone new to the game buying their first greyhound, is great news. In the lead up to Christmas, which can be a tough time financially for everyone, news like this, on top of initiatives like the GBGB Xmas Bonus, is especially welcome”.


Current fees for standard registrations and transfers of ownership -  £26. Name changes for currently registered greyhounds - £81.  None of these charges will apply from 1st November-31st December 2017. For any queries regarding registrations and fees, please contact the GBGB Registry on 0207 822 0925.