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BSI PAS for greyhound trainers' kennels published

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has published the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) for greyhound trainers’ residential kennels; PAS 251:2017.

Sponsored by the GBGB, the PAS was written as a result of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ recommendations following a government review of greyhound racing legislation.

The PAS supplies a consensus-based specification for greyhound trainers's residential kennels based on good practice and the collective experience of animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, government and industry specialists. 

It covers requirements for: 

  1. Building construction
  2. Unit sizes
  3. Lighting and ventilation
  4. Unit and kennel interiors
  5. Flooring
  6. Drainage
  7. Bedding
  8. Electrical appliances
  9. Exercise
  10. Diet
  11. Environmental enrichment
  12. Monitoring behaviour, health and welfare
  13. Handling and training 
  14. Identification of greyhounds
  15. Veterinary healthcare 
  16. Isolation facilities 
  17. Vaccinations 
  18. Waste removal 
  19. Cleaning and disinfectant 
  20. Emergency precautions 
  21. Kennel security 
  22. Food preparation and storage 
  23. Utilities - electric lighting, working telephone and access to water 

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