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GBGB Disease Update February 2017

There has been a marked increase in the number of cases of “kennel sickness” over January and February. Symptoms include lethargy, refusal to eat and diarrhoea, and can include vomiting.

Although the specific cause has not been found, general supportive therapies normally result in a complete cure. Veterinary advice should be sought just to be sure that there is no other disease process present, such as pneumonia.

Deaths from kennel sickness are rare, but it is thought that the disease can make the greyhound more prone to other more serious ailments. A minimum of two weeks’ rest should be given to allow a greyhound to recuperate from the infection. This is to allow for proper healing of the gut and restoration of normal internal electrolyte levels. Giving extra electrolytes does not speed this recuperation process.

General cleansing and disinfection routines should be checked that they are adequate since objects such as dirty bedding and food bowls can easily transfer many bacteria and viruses. The GBGB has produced guidance sheets for both biosecurity and thorough deep cleaning procedures.