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GBGB Practitioner Director Peter Harnden – Rule 18

Following a number of mendacious reports being circulated on social media relating to unaccounted greyhounds in the ownership of Professional Trainer, Peter Harnden, GBGB can confirm that Mr Harnden satisfies the requirements of Rule 18 and has reported all retirement details to the GBGB for greyhounds in his ownership.

The GBGB would like to emphasise to all owners the importance of complying with Rule 18 and that a failure to do so may result in owners and trainers being made inactive and subject to disciplinary action.

From 2018, data relating to Rule 18 statistics (retirement of greyhounds) will be published by GBGB, as agreed with Defra during the review of the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations carried out last year.