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Biosecurity update: Disinfectant available for trainers

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain has arranged for the delivery of supplies of the disinfectant Anigene to race tracks, where it can be picked up by trainers free of charge.

Professional Trainers can receive 2 x 5 litres Anigene disinfectant, while Greyhound Trainers can receive 2 x 1 litre Anigene disinfectant. The dilution is one part disinfectant to 100 parts water.

GBGB Veterinary director Simon Gower said; "A recent seasonal increase in the incidence of kennel sickness has prompted the GBGB to re-issue its advice on biosecurity both at residential kennels and racetracks. To assist trainers in tackling this increased risk, the GBGB has recommended and supplied a DEFRA approved disinfectant to all licensed trainers."


The following tracks should receive their deliveries by Friday: Belle Vue, Brighton & Hove, Central Park, Crayford, Hall Green, Monmore Green, Newcastle, Nottingham, Poole, Romford, Sheffield, Swindon, Sunderland, Towcester and Wimbledon. The remaining GBGB tracks will receive their supplies over the next couple of weeks.


If you require any further information please call Duncan Gibson at the GBGB on 0207 822 0906