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GBGB Press release: Practitioner director

The GBGB is pleased to announce that Paul Ephremsen has won the election to be the Practitioner Director (Owners) on the main GBGB board securing 764 votes, compared with 630 for Bob Boswell from the total of 1,394 votes cast. There were three spoiled ballot cards.


Paul Ephremesen said: “I’m delighted to have won the vote for Practitioner Director (Owners) and hope I can make a positive contribution to the Board in the coming months. I intend to ensure that, over time, owners throughout Great Britain have a voice and have new communication channels for their ideas to be heard. This is not a one man job and I fully intend to seek the help and support of many owners to achieve some common goals. I hope this can be the start of a new, more open way of communication between the GBGB and greyhound owners.


“I would like to mention Bob Boswell, the other shortlisted candidate who I met during the process. I hope to be able to work with Bob, particularly on his specialist area of welfare and I will be in contact with him soon.


“I will be making every effort to focus on the issues mentioned in my manifesto and promise to approach the role with enthusiasm, openness and honesty.


Bob Boswell said: “I would like to wish Paul all the best in the role and would be happy to work with him to promote the interests of greyhound racing in general and owners in particular. I attended the count which was carried out professionally and efficiently by Barnes Roffe staff and, although I’m naturally disappointed, I am delighted that there was such a good level of interest.”


GBGB Chief Executive Barry Faulkner said: “I would like to congratulate Paul and look forward to welcoming him to our scheduled Board meeting on 18th May and working with him thereafter. We were fortunate to have two excellent candidates for the ballot. I would like to thank Bob for his involvement in this process and would hope that his talents will continue to be available to greyhound racing.”