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Florida Vote on Amendment 13

Responding to the result of the vote on greyhound racing held in Florida, Mark Bird, Managing Director of GBGB, said:

 “We are fortunate that greyhound racing in Britain enjoys significant support from government at both a regional and national level.  Greyhound racing makes a significant contribution to the British economy and employs over 7,000 people.  Importantly, we have the lowest injury rates in the world and, through our Greyhound Commitment, are determined to decrease injury rates further. The government is wholly satisfied with our current welfare standards and has commended the steps we are taking to raise standards even further.  As a show of their support, last week, DEFRA, in a response to an online petition, stated that they have no plans to consider banning greyhound racing in the UK.

 “As the sixth most popular spectator sport, greyhound racing has been an intrinsic part of our sporting landscape for almost a century; bringing together people from all walks of life in the shared enjoyment of watching greyhounds do what they do best. Together we must continue to celebrate and tell the truth about our sport and how animal welfare is at the heart of all we do.  As a sector we have made a commitment to raising standards and the initiatives contained within our Greyhound Commitment will ensure that, with the support of all involved, British racing has a bright future.”