About GBGB

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) is the body with responsibility for the governance, regulation and management of the sport of licensed greyhound racing in England, Scotland and Wales.

Effective and operational from 1st January 2009, the GBGB is a single, unified body that has taken on the functions of both the British Greyhound Racing Board and the National Greyhound Racing Club.

The GBGB is a centre for governance, regulation and welfare as well as a lead for commercial development and growth of the sport. It is committed to managing its functions to the highest standards achievable and being efficient, effective and accountable to those that it licenses, and the public.

The Donoughue Report

In 2007, Government gave the sport clear riding instructions with regard to self regulation. It made clear that it required radical and substantial reform and root and branch changes if the sport is to retain its self-regulatory framework.

Greyhound racing took this instruction on board and the British Greyhound Racing Board and National Greyhound Racing Club jointly commissioned the eminent Labour peer, Lord Bernard Donoughue, to carry out an independent review of the greyhound racing industry in Britain. Lord Donoughue was assisted by Patrick Nixon, Secretary of the Bookmakers Committee at the Horserace Betting Levy Board, Clarissa Baldwin (Chief Executive of the Dogs Trust), Jim Cremin (former Greyhound Editor of the Racing Post) and Jim Donnelly (Head of Sport at PA Sport).

Lord Donoughue’s report was published in November 2007. A full version can be read at greyhounds-donoughue-report . In summary, the comprehensive report recommended that the sport should remain self-regulated but should create a new single entity to conduct the governance, administration, finance and regulation of greyhound racing. Lord Donoughue also made thirty six other recommendations designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of regulation and raise welfare standards still further.


The Certification Body derives its main income through its regulatory activities; annual licence fees which are chargeable to the sport’s participants - racecourses and individuals.  Registration and transfer fees are also payable. The fee categories and structure are detailed annually in the GBGB Calendar.


A racecourse must obtain a Transmission Licence from GBGB for any race it wishes to transmit as defined in Rule 5 (iv) of the Rules of Racing. Fees are payable by the racecourses to GBGB for the purpose of transmitting licensed races. 


The greyhound industry receives funds through the British Greyhound Racing Fund (BGRF) in the form of voluntary payments made by bookmakers at a determined rate (0.6%) of off-course betting turnover on licensed greyhound racing.