We are the regulator for licensed greyhound racing in Great Britain

What we do

Our role is to safeguard the integrity and future prosperity of British greyhound racing so that it remains a successful and sustainable sport with welfare at its heart.

We oversee 20 stadia across the country and ensure each race is run fairly and cleanly. We are also responsible for regulating the welfare and care of all racing greyhounds – from registration to retirement.

We are staffed by world-leading experts including vets, academics and animal welfare specialists all of whom love and care for our greyhounds, putting them centre-stage in all we do.

Background & Funding

We are an independently audited body accredited by UKAS. Established in 2009, GBGB replaced the British Greyhound Racing Board and the National Greyhound Racing Club to become a single regulatory body for the sport.

Our work is funded through voluntary payments made by bookmakers, via the British Greyhound Racing Fund (BGRF), at a determined rate (0.6%) of off-course betting turnover on licensed greyhound racing. We also receive money through annual licence fees, as well as through registration and transfer fees.

The funding we receive goes directly towards delivering vital initiatives through our Greyhound Commitment and long-term welfare strategy ‘A Good Life for Every Greyhound’, which seeks to further promote and protect welfare across all stages of a racing greyhound’s life. We are currently reliant on voluntary contributions from bookmakers but need secure, long-term investment to continue to meet these commitments.

GBGB Board

Overseeing governance is the GBGB Board. This comprises representatives from across the industry, including track promoters, veterinary experts and specially elected owner and trainer representatives. There are also several independent directors who bring vital, wider expertise to the Board.

As well as safeguarding the high welfare and integrity standards of our sport, and the livelihoods of the people who depend on greyhound racing, the GBGB Board wants to see our industry thrive. It is committed to securing the sport’s ongoing success and continuing to grow its popularity with British and global audiences.

The Board is supported by a number of committees. These are the Business Committee (and Racing Sub-Committee), Welfare Committee (supported by the Track Sub-Committee, Veterinary Sub-Committee and Trainers Assistance Sub-Committee) and Nominations Committee.

Read about our Board members:

Greyhound Regulatory Board (GRB)

Incorporated within GBGB, but with independent status, is the Greyhound Regulatory Board (GRB). The GRB is a body integrated into the overall GBGB structure but is not a subordinate element of it.

The GRB’s key functions cover all of GBGB’s regulatory processes, including but not limited to: implementing and managing the Rules of Racing, including investigating any alleged breaches; the licensing of racecourses, trainers, kennel staff and track officials and registration of owners and their racing greyhounds; managing our drug sampling programme and setting standards to safeguard the sport’s integrity.

There is strong common representation on both the GRB and GBGB Boards to maintain the necessary high level of regulatory influence with the appropriate accountability measures.


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