Rules of Racing

The GBGB Rules of Racing set the standards for greyhound welfare and integrity and ensure that our sport is run fairly and safely. Every person issued with a GBGB Licence or who is registered as a greyhound owner with GBGB are subject to these Rules.

Both section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the six conditions that constitute the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010 are reflected within the Rules of Racing. Any proposed changes to the Rules of Racing are debated and approved by the Greyhound Regulatory Board, based on recommendations made by the Rules of Racing Committee. This Committee represents a balance of interests from all stakeholder groups.
The Rules of Racing can be viewed via the dedicated microsite below. This includes a search function, a list of any amendments as well an archive of all previous versions.

GBGB Rules of Racing MICROSITE

Code of Practice

As part of our Greyhound Commitment, GBGB has launched a new Code of Practice for the operation and management of residential greyhound kennels. The Code is a broad and comprehensive manual that brings together all the existing guidance and documentation on residential kennel standards into one place so that everyone in our sport understands what is expected of them and has the knowledge, advice and support to maintain consistently high standards of care.

Compiled by veterinary experts and industry specialists, alongside animal welfare partners, the Code of Practice highlights the best practice on operating and managing residential greyhound kennels. It covers all aspects of caring for a greyhound’s mental and physical health with recommendations on the construction, maintenance and management of kennels to guidelines on environmental enrichment, exercise, nutrition and dental care.

The Code builds on the BSI Publicly Available Specification (PAS 251: 2017) to ensure there is clarity over the high standards expected for the operation and management of residential greyhound kennels as there is for GBGB licensed racecourses.

Download Code of Practice PDF