Helpful Resources

The following websites may be of use to a new owner (and to many established ones):

Owner/Trainer Written Agreements – GBGB strongly recommends that a written agreement is in place for the training of any racing greyhound. This is to ensure both the owner(s) and trainer have complete clarity on the arrangements involved and responsibilities for the greyhound’s ongoing care and welfare. We have created sample agreements for owners and trainers which you are welcome to use and adapt to your personal circumstances. You can find out more and download the template agreements here.


GBGB Results – the Results page of our own GBGB website where you can see your greyhound’s race and trial results (remember to tick the ‘include trials’ box when the information is displayed in order to see trial results also).


GBGB Approved Homing Centres – when your greyhound retires it will need to be found a loving home if it isn’t going to become your pet. This page contains the full list of centres which can help you do this as part of Greyhound Retirement Scheme. This is the scheme you (and GBGB) pay into when you register your greyhound to cover costs associated with your greyhound’s homing.


Greyhound Racing Ireland – the GRI, the Irish equivalent of the GBGB. If your greyhound came from Ireland or ran there, you will be able to see details of its performances on this site by using the ‘Greyhound Search’ function. This will also give you information about its breeding and greyhound relatives.


Racing Post Greyhounds – the Racing Post Greyhound Bet site which also carries every UK greyhound’s race results but also shows racecards for that day and beyond so you can see when your greyhound is running, form and other details of the race it is running in. There is also a link to RPGTV where you may be able to watch your greyhound perform if it is running at a meeting that the service is covering.


Greyhound Star – the Greyhound Star. The industry’s dedicated greyhound newspaper, now only available on the web, which keeps us up to date with stories, articles and developments in the greyhound world.