We strongly believe that every retiring greyhound that can be rehomed, should be rehomed. We want to ensure that after their racing careers, all GBGB licensed greyhounds enjoy a long and happy retirement.

While a number of greyhounds are retained within the sport as pets by their trainers or owners, or for breeding, there are still some that require homes after their racing careers.

Thanks to the brilliant work of homing charities throughout the country, who match retired greyhounds with suitable families, the vast majority of racing greyhounds retire into pet homes.

Scroll down to find out more about homing your very own retired greyhound. You can also read about our newly-launched Greyhound Retirement Scheme.

Home a greyhound

Are you looking for a new canine addition to your family? Consider homing a retired racing greyhound.

As anyone who has owned one knows, retired greyhounds make excellent pets. Greyhounds are calm, gentle and extremely affectionate and are suitable for all kinds of families.

Contrary to their outstanding ability to run, they are low maintenance and do not need a lot of exercise each day. They love nothing more than to curl up on the sofa and relax with their owners.

If you are interested in rehoming one of our retirees, speak to your local track or find your nearest centre. They will be able to match you with the right dog for you and your family and advise on the best way to care for your new greyhound.

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Greyhound Retirement Scheme

We are very excited to have launched our Greyhound Retirement Scheme, supporting each of our brilliant canine athletes to find their forever homes.

The scheme seeks to remove the financial barriers to rehoming greyhounds by attaching a £400 bond – paid for jointly by owners and GBGB – to each athlete upon the point of their registration. This will help with costs associated with a greyhound’s retirement, such as kennelling, feeding and caring for the greyhound until a home is found.

As part of the GRS, we are compiling a growing list of approved homing centres which do fantastic work finding the perfect homes for our sport’s ex-racers. You can find one local to you below.