Retirement & Care

Whether through injury or age, the time comes for every greyhound to bow out from the action on the track and move onto pastures new in their retirement.

The vast majority of owners take their responsibilities seriously and many take their ex-racers home to become part of the family or ensure that other members of the family or friends have a caring home to give to their greyhound.

Most greyhounds adapt well to home life and make superb companions, although some will never adapt to home life and are equally happy to spend the rest of their days in the same routine in kennels.

The sport takes the issue of care after racing seriously and is striving to ensure that no greyhound is unnecessarily put down once its racing career is over.

To this end, the Greyhound Trust, which is heavily funded by the sport, is on hand to help owners unable to keep their greyhound at home.  

To find out more about the Trust, visit

Filling out a GBGB Retirement Certificate 
It is very important that every owner notifies the GBGB when their greyhound has retired from racing.

This must be done using a distinctive green form that can be obtained from any licensed track, or by calling the GBGB on 020 7822 0900.

Alternatively, you can download a form by clicking here.

Owners should complete the form in full, sign it and return it to the address on the form. The GBGB is not able to accept retirement notifications by telephone or email.