Selling Greyhounds

Whether a greyhound is sold or given away the only guaranteed way to ensure that a greyhound you have sold is transferred out of your name is to tell the GBGB about it by way of a declaration slip, which works on the same principal as notifying the DVLA if selling a car.

Just signing a change of registered ownership form consenting to the sale does not guarantee that the purchaser will re-register the greyhound in their name and it is therefore possible that the greyhound could continue racing in your ownership.

Declaration Slip
It is vital that if selling a greyhound, the seller completes a declaration slip and sends it to the GBGB. Once the GBGB are in receipt of this, wheels are set in motion in the Registry department which guarantees that a change of registered ownership will be completed, or that the greyhound will be made inactive until such time as the paperwork is completed.

Even if the purchaser does not transfer the greyhounds ownership into their name, the GBGB will retain a copy of the declaration slip and the information contained on it will be recorded on our database for future reference should it be required.

(Please note that the declaration slip comes in two colours, blue and orange. The orange version is part of the Registration Certificate you signed when originally registering your greyhound.)

The tear-off section can be found on page two of the Change of Registered Ownership Certificate or the orange version on page two of a Registration Certificate.

Change of Registered Ownership
The seller(s) must sign the change of registered ownership certificate in the boxes provided consenting to the sale at the top of page three and pass that section to the new owner.

In the event of a sale falling thorough when a declaration has already been made, we require a letter signed by the registered owner requesting the declaration be cancelled.