Last week, veterinary professional from the greyhound industry headed to Nottingham for the GBGB’s annual Track Vets Training Day.

Track vets from across GBGB’s tracks attended the event, which is an opportunity discuss latest research and best practice and hear updates from industry experts on all aspects of greyhound care, welfare and safety.

After presentations from Simon Gower (GBGB Veterinary Director), Paul Illingworth (Senior Stipendiary Steward) and Polly Smith (track vet and Greyhound Ambassador), there were informative sessions by academics from the University of Nottingham on their research into Osteosarcoma in greyhounds, gracilis and hard tissue injury patterns.

This was followed by a seminar from Dr Richard Payne, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anatomy at the University of Nottingham, during which he spoke about his latest work examining the impact of heat and exercise. He also gave an update on disease surveillance.

Commenting on the day, Simon Gower said:

“This day is a fantastic opportunity for vets from across the country to come together and discuss latest research and enhance our knowledge. All in all, it was a very informative, relaxed and enjoyable day.

“Continued professional development is an important part of our Greyhound Commitment so we are really pleased that so many of our Licenced Vets committed their time to the day. We would encourage everyone to sign up to future events such as these.

“I am thankful to the University of Nottingham, whose presentations today were extremely informative and whose research continues to ensure that we make the best, evidence-based decisions to protect the health and wellbeing of our greyhounds.”

Stefano Malegori, Track Vet at Romford, said:

“As usual the training day was informative. It was very interesting to understand how the veterinary kennel inspection will change next year and to hear how the industry, thanks to the effort of GBGB, is committed to ensuring the welfare of every greyhound from racing to retirement.”

Tiffany Blackett, GBGB Stipendiary Steward, said:

“It was a really enjoyable day which I’m sure benefitted everyone who attended. It provided great industry relevant CPD for all veterinary surgeons working as greyhound track vets and to those undertaking Veterinary Inspections at greyhound kennels.”