GBGB has launched a new short film which showcases the care greyhounds receive from trainers and kennel staff at their residential kennels. 

With footage taken at the end of last year, this is one of several films GBGB has been producing as part of our Greyhound Commitment to shine a light on the hard work, care and dedication that goes on behind-the-scenes in our sport each day. 

For many greyhound racing fans, the care that greyhounds receive at their trainers’ residential kennels is a lesser-seen part of the sport, but it is just as important as the action on the track.

Filmed at Derby-winning trainer Kevin Hutton’s kennels in Oxfordshire, the new video therefore aims to give an insight into some of the important aspects of running a successful racing kennel. It highlights the daily routines and efforts of all the team there – from cleaning and grooming to tailored nutrition and exercise programmes – that all go into ensuring their greyhounds thrive and enjoy happy, healthy lives.

The short film feeds into GBGB’s work towards achieving UKAS accreditation for trainers’ licensed kennels as well as its racecourses. As a core part of the Greyhound Commitment, this will be further evidence of the high levels of welfare and care throughout the sport – both on and off the track. 

To support trainers in achieving the gold standard at their kennels, GBGB published our  Code of Practice in February, bringing together advice on all aspects of caring for greyhounds’ mental and physical health in one comprehensive manual. Produced in consultation with trainers, veterinary professionals and animal welfare partners, the Code is being used by kennels as a definitive reference document for them to use in their day-to-day operations. 

Commenting on the film, Mark Bird, GBGB Managing Director, said:

With many trainers getting their dogs back to trialling this week, we are pleased to publish our latest short film which showcases the hard work that goes into caring for greyhounds at residential kennels across our sport. 

“As all those involved in our sport will know, every successful racing greyhound has a team of knowledgeable, dedicated and skilled trainers and kennel staff behind them. But this is not a side of the sport always seen by spectators, who may only ever get to witness the action on the racetrack.

“We are therefore hugely grateful to Kevin and his team for allowing us to film with them last year and for providing an insight into what life is like at home for our dogs. It is clear in watching the film just what a strong bond they have with their greyhounds and is something which I know everyone working within our sport will recognise and appreciate.

“Our sport relies on the support and efforts of all our trainers and owners – many of whom continue to go above and beyond for their greyhounds. As we get back to racing again soon, we look forward to continuing to showcase them and their work with more excellent stories like this.”

You can watch the film here