Today, the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) has published its updated Hot Weather Policy for 2020, setting out the guidelines its licensed trainers and racecourses must follow during periods of hot weather in order to protect the health, comfort and safety of greyhounds.

GBGB’s evidence-based policies on racing in Hot and Cold weather extremes are a key component of its Greyhound Commitment and are under regular review to ensure that they are based on the latest veterinary and scientific research.

The Policy aims to provide a structured approach to help mitigate the effects of hot weather on racing greyhounds. It is applicable to every situation where greyhounds are exposed to a risk of hot weather from residential kennels to the racecourse, including their transportation to and from the track.

Commenting on its publication, Simon Gower, GBGB Veterinary Director, said:

“This Policy provides a clear, evidence-based approach to dealing with hot weather to ensure that the right actions are taken for the benefit of all our greyhounds. In particular for racecourses, it offers important clarity regarding scheduled meetings and under what conditions they can and should go ahead where temperatures are much higher than normal.

“With average summer temperatures steadily increasing, we have made a commitment to review and update our Hot Weather Policy in response to any changes made on ongoing research and scientific evidence. We are pleased to publish an updated version of the Policy today, which is the culmination of joint working between GBGB’s veterinary experts, our Welfare Committee and Track Sub-Committee, and collaboration with our animal welfare partners.

“Earlier this year, we had a productive meeting with our welfare charity partners, where we discussed the RSPCA commissioned report into the thermoregulation in greyhounds, which was welcomed by GBGB and echoed our own commissioned study into the subject. The discussion and findings of these two studies have now resulted in some minor amendments to last year’s Policy.

“We are very grateful for the ongoing engagement and support of tracks who have welcomed this structure and continue to be proactive and responsible in order to protect the welfare of greyhounds during these warmer months.”

 GBGB’s Hot Weather Policy is available online here and copies have been sent to all racecourses.