GBGB has created a new leaflet to support trainers to exchange important health and behavioural information to the new owner of a retired greyhound.

As well as identification and veterinary information, the leaflet enables trainers to detail any prior health conditions or injuries that a greyhound may have had, as well as behavioural traits and current reactions to the sort of stimuli they may find in a domestic environment. Providing this information is a key condition of GBGB’s Responsible Homing Policy to support each greyhound in securing a long, happy retirement after its racing career.

The leaflet also contains a tear-off declaration page which can be kept by the greyhound’s racing owner or trainer. This should be signed by the new owner or homing centre, stating that they have taken ownership of the greyhound and that they will meet its ongoing welfare and veterinary needs.

Commenting on the initiative, Paula Beniston, GBGB Welfare Manager, said:

“We have designed this leaflet to be an easy tool for trainers to use. For the adopter or homing charity receiving the greyhound, it means they have all the information they need in one place, and they are equipped with everything they need to know about the specific dog, from dates of their last worming treatment to any specific behavioural characteristics.

“Although it is voluntary document, we hope that trainers will find it to be useful and that, ultimately, it will help facilitate successful homing placements for our retired athletes.”

All GBGB racecourses will be sent a supply of the leaflets to be distributed to their trainers. If any trainer would like copies sent to them directly, please email