The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) is pleased to announce that its new external inspections for residential kennels will begin in April.

The inspections are being carried out by experienced animal welfare auditors NSF International. NSF has carried out a successful pilot over the past months with a small group of trainers to allow auditors to familiarise themselves with the process. NSF will now contact trainers directly to arrange a date and time for their inspection, which will be taking place throughout the year.

This week, trainers will receive a letter and FAQ document via email to explain the new inspection process and to remind them of the wider licensing changes. These will also be made available in the trainers’ portal on GBGB’s website. If you have not received an email, please contact the GBGB office.

Peter Harnden, GBGB Trainers’ Director, whose kennels took part in a pilot inspection, said:

“We had our full inspection here and it went very smoothly. We felt that they were thorough but fair. We have said all along that the vast majority of trainers out there will already be meeting the standards but I would advise every kennel to now go and check the PAS, speak to their Stipe ahead of their inspection and get any issues sorted.

“I think that having these inspections in place is a hugely positive thing for the sport. It means that our kennels are being externally rubber-stamped as being top-quality which is something that no-one, inside or outside greyhound racing, can argue about.”

Paul Illingworth, GBGB Senior Stipendiary Steward, said:

“NSF has carried out pilot inspections with a number of kennels over the past months which has been a very worthwhile exercise. I want to thank all trainers involved in this and their staff for their cooperation and helpful feedback.  

“The new inspections are part of broader changes in the way we license our trainers which will ensure that greyhounds receive the same consistent quality of care across all licensed residential kennels. It is another step forward as we look to gain UKAS accreditation for our licensing of trainers premises.

“NSF will contact trainers directly to arrange their inspections which will take place throughout the year. We hope that the document being sent out to kennels this week will answer any questions trainers have about the process. If you have any further queries please contact your area Stipendiary Steward.”