A leading expert in the field of canine reproduction, Professor Gary England, has recently delivered two detailed webinars on reproduction in greyhounds to GBGB licence holders.

These webinars, part of an ongoing series of three, have been organised by GBGB as part of its commitment to improving greyhound welfare through educational tools for individuals across the greyhound community.

Professor England is a veterinary surgeon and academic clinician. He is the Foundation Dean at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science and Professor of Comparative Veterinary Reproduction at the University of Nottingham. Alongside his clinical work, Professor England specialises in the field of reproductive biology with a focus on dogs and horses.

Across his webinars to date, Professor England has focused on various topics relating to greyhound reproduction. The first webinar explained the oestrus cycle in the bitch, while the second followed up with discussions of how to determine the optimal time to breed.

A third and final webinar will be taking place on 29th May and will cover the topics of greyhound pregnancy and whelping.

Reflecting on the first two webinars, Meriel France, Learning and Development Manager at GBGB, said:

“It was excellent to see such a high number of attendees at Professor Gary England’s first two webinars. Both sessions imparted invaluable information about reproductive biology in greyhounds for our licence holders and I have no doubt the final session will be similarly insightful.

“I would like to thank Professor England for sharing his extensive expertise with attendees and would highly recommend and encourage licence holders to attend the final session on 29th May.”

To register for this final webinar, please email Meriel France: meriel.france@gbgb.org.uk

All three webinars are being recorded and will be uploaded to the GBGB website for licenced personnel to view after the sessions take place.