TRAINERS from across the country joined together at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium recently to take part in an interactive workshop focused on optimising racing greyhound nutrition.

The event, which was led by internationally renowned specialist in animal nutrition, Dr Teresa Hollands, and supported by Time Greyhound Nutrition, saw attendees engage in discussions around the latest research and best practice in greyhound nutrition. With over thirty years of experience in clinical practice, Dr Hollands was able to share her first-hand insights and world-leading expertise in the field of animal nutrition. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Nutrition at the University of Surrey and has served as an advisor to the feed industry, sitting on various industry committees.

The morning focused on nutrition for performance, with Dr Hollands exploring the best nutritional make-up of feed for racing greyhounds. As well as benefiting from a lecture on the energy and protein requirements of greyhounds, attendees took part in an interactive workshop to analyse the make-up of the feed that they use in their own kennels.

In the afternoon, Dr Hollands discussed ways to measure the health of a greyhound and how to manage a greyhound’s nutrition to ensure they are in the best possible condition. The afternoon also allowed delegates to digest evidence on the timing of meals and feeding supplements, followed by the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss all aspects of feeding and nutrition.

Meriel France, Learning and Development Manager at GBGB, said:

“It was excellent to welcome Dr Hollands to Nottingham Greyhound Stadium and sit in on such an invaluable workshop on greyhound nutrition.

“Events like this, which link our racing community with external experts from academia, veterinary medicine and industry, are a key part of how we’re delivering on our long-term welfare strategy, ‘A Good Life for Every Greyhound’. We look forward to continuing to deliver these opportunities over the coming months and years.”

Mark Bird, CEO of GBGB, said:

“Last weekend’s workshop was an excellent opportunity for some of our trainers to hear from a world-leading expert in veterinary nutrition and likewise share their own significant insights.

“As advice on nutrition evolves over time, we very much recognise the importance of keeping trainers up to date on the latest research in the field, to ensure that our greyhounds are racing to the best of their abilities and leading the healthiest possible lives.

“Thank you to everyone who attended the event, to Dr Hollands for lending her expertise and to Nottingham Greyhound Stadium for their hospitality.”

For GBGB-licensed trainers who were unable to make the event in person, the session was recorded and will be made available via the GBGB trainer portal shortly.