The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) is aware that cases of kennel cough have risen over the past four weeks and trainers are being advised to keep alert for coughing greyhounds.

GBGB has issued further information for trainers today, which can be viewed here.

Dr Simon Gower, GBGB Veterinary Director, said:

“Whilst the vast majority of dogs with kennel cough make a full recovery, we have sadly seen two greyhounds pass away in recent weeks after their condition progressed to bronchopneumonia. Whilst kennel cough is highly contagious, it is usually not life-threatening. It is, however, vital that trainers are extra vigilant in the light of this recent outbreak and are aware of the main symptoms of this progressing to a much more serious condition. In addition to the usual rough cough, at-risk dogs will cough more severely, be off their food and may have a fever. 

“If in doubt, trainers should contact a Vet or their Stipendiary Steward who will be able to give them clear advice and guidance on how best to protect their greyhounds. This includes maintaining good biosecurity measures, looking out for the main symptoms and isolating any greyhounds presenting symptoms as quickly as possible. GBGB will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide updated advice as necessary.”